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We're a network of people who advocate for abundant, affordable housing and inclusive, sustainable communities across the United States.


Learn about the pro-housing movement and how you can make housing more affordable near you!

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Why Housing?

Together we can make housing more affordable for everyday people, undo decades of residential segregation, and fight the climate crisis.


More choices and negotiating power


Abundant housing increases housing access and security. More housing gives renters and homebuyers more negotiating power. Adding new housing in growing areas can prevent the bidding up of the cost of existing housing.


Lower housing costs = more spending money


Since housing is many people’s largest expense, lower housing costs puts more money in people’s pockets to spend on their other needs.


Lowering barriers to historically exclusive neighborhoods


Making neighborhoods with good jobs, schools, and amenities provide housing accessible to people of all income levels makes our society fairer, and contributes to integration and dismantling the legacy of redlining.


Less sprawl and commuting, preserving green spaces and reducing emissions


Building additional housing near transit, jobs, and existing infrastructure reduces sprawl, preserving wildlife habitat, preventing megacommutes, and lowering climate risk.

How We Fight


We train people concerned about lack of housing in their area so they can find others who are concerned and start making change.​


Our volunteers meet with elected officials to encourage them to take pro-housing stances on proposed laws. Volunteers show up to speak in favor of more housing at local hearings.​


Our volunteers knock doors, make phone calls, etc. to get pro-housing candidates elected and pro-housing laws passed.

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Our Solutions

Policies we support

Legalize Housing

Allow more housing in every neighborhood, especially historically affluent and exclusionary neighborhoods, removing barriers to both subsidized affordable and market rate housing

Fix Incentives

Reform structures that incentivize communities to say no to new homes, including tax systems and car centric transportation systems.

Streamline Permitting

Make housing permits fast and fair, removing arbitrary barriers to both subsidized affordable and market rate housing.

Increase Housing Stability

Enact policies that support current residents having stable housing choices amid growth.

Fund Affordable Housing

Increase funding for subsidized affordable housing through a wide variety of mechanisms, including direct subsidies.

What People Say

I donate monthly to YIMBY Action because they champion inclusion and diversity in our neighborhoods, undoing decades of regulations designed to exclude tenants and young people.

Michael Ducker

One reason I support YIMBY: I got mold sickness from living in a crappy apartment that was all I could afford on a nonprofit salary. A year+ of stomach issues and panic attacks! No one should have to destroy their health to live near their job.

Gill Pressman

Managing Director, YIMBY Action

I support YIMBY because I’m an urban planning student who follows the research—and it shows we need to enable more housing at *all* income levels if we want a truly sustainable, long-term solution to our housing crisis.

Simon Tan

I really don’t want to be isolated here in Menlo Park when I’m elderly because none of my kids or grandkids can afford homes nearby. We need more homes.

Heather Hopkins

I’ve spent my entire career working to reduce carbon emissions, and I know we will never get to net zero unless we build far more housing in urban areas where people can walk, cycle and ride the bus. That’s why I support YIMBY.

Jona Bate

There’s so many reasons I support YIMBY but the simplest one is rooted in firsthand experience from being evicted in 2011. The bottom line for me is that housing abundance is one of the best tenant protections there is, and for far too long we’ve propped up landlord power…

Bobak Esfandiari

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